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TC 407
Robust E.D.M. to 1 sec. Accuracy using measurement to give distance.  Having internal programmes to allow easy setting out and co ordinate calculations on site such as reconciliation, offsets, reference lines and height calculations. Good value instrument for doing the accurate bulk work.
G.P.S. smart rovers
G.P.S. capable instrument which is highly robust and very flexible  Good for setting up control or when stations are not readily available. Good for surveying though expensive.
Robotic equipment
Conversant in the use of numerous models of robotic stations, leica, topcon, geodolite, Trimble and so on. Will obtain the correct instrument for the required job.

Rugby 100 laser level
Perfect for slabs, footings, cross falls, 1 man transferring of levels, water proof  and robust.
CST Berger Auto Level
Accurate level , easy to use,  robust, hard working, good basic level.
Digital terrain modeling software by Mc Carthy Taylor partnership allows fast and efficient models to be produced on site. Used mainly to manage data from instrument to
C.A.D. and has fast production of surveyed quantities. Certified and Quality assured for production of cross-sections, volume calculations full information @ 
Auto Cad
C.A.D. package so you can send me the drawings and I can send, produce and send you copies that you can view instantaneously. If you haven't got your own C.A.D. we can supply drawings in PDF format.
Microsoft packages
Nobody carries around every single package but having these and knowledge of them means that almost anything can be produced From a simple spreadsheet to project plan highlighting key dates and products. spreadsheet,Word or graphical output just to give your project that professional edge.
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